How To Use Ai Manga Tiktok 2023

Skull Cap City – Already know if there is a new filter at this time on Tiktok? Do you know what the name of the anime filter ai manga on Tiktok is yet? Check out the following.

On Tiktok there are often new things that become viral and trends for its users.

One of them that is currently being widely used is the Anime Filter. Apart from anime filters, there are also manga and cartoon filters that can also be an option.

Of course you also want to use these filters to join the existing trend, right? Here is the name of the anime filter on the viral Tiktok.

Anime Filter Name on Tiktok

For the name of the filter that is currently viral on Tiktok itself is AI Manga. Where, you can change the image like an anime character.

The more interesting thing is that you don’t need to use the photo and video editing application anymore to change your video.

Until now, AI Manga is still a content trend uploaded by Tiktok users.

Besides being able to make like anime characters, AI Manga can also turn your photos into cards with an attractive appearance.

Is the AI Manga Filter also on Instagram

As usual, if it’s on Tiktok, then you’ll probably be able to find this AI Manga filter on Instagram as well.

The name of the anime filter on Instagram itself is also the same as on Tiktok, namely AI Manga or anime filter.

To find it, you only need to search through the search menu that is already in the Instagram story creator option.

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How to use AI Manga Anime Filter

Because this feature is new to Tiktok and Instagram. There are still quite a lot of users who can’t use it.

To be able to turn photos and videos into anime-like, you only need to upload a video, then click the anime filter.

Then your photos and videos will immediately turn into like Anime in Japanese movies usually.

For more details, if you don’t know how to use AI Manga, please refer to the following explanation.

  1. First, please log in to your Tiktok account
  2. If so, click the search menu
  3. enter the keyword AI Manga
  4. After getting the Ai Mang filter
  5. Please click use filter
  6. Then record the video you want to turn into anime
  7. If so, then you can post or save your own version of the anime video.
  8. To edit photos into anime is also the same, you just need to click to take a picture.
  9. Then your photo will become like an anime character in general.

How to Find Anime Filters on Instagram

  1. Log in to your Instagram account
  2. Then select the story option
  3. Or you can also go through the search menu
  4. Enter the keyword Anime Filter
  5. Then the name of the anime filter on Instagram will appear which is the most widely used
  6. and is currently viral.
  7. Click use filter
  8. Record a video to turn it into an anime
  9. For photos too, you only need a photo and it will immediately turn into like an anime.

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How is it? It’s very easy not to make anime videos on Tiktok and Instagram today. You only need to do it in one easy step.

Well, that’s the name of the anime filter on TikTok and Instagram that is viral and widely used today.