how to make money on tiktok

How to make money on tiktok in Canada –  Did you know that TikTok is the most watched video social network on the internet?

It is estimated that users spend 26.6 hours a month watching content on this platform, which is 5% of their waking time, according to HootSuite data.

Its constant growth and revenue-generating options make TikTok an extremely profitable social network.

Not only is it a platform for watching entertaining videos, but it has become a powerful tool for content creators or brands looking to increase their monthly earnings.

Thus, this social network has quickly become the target of companies and brands seeking to have a presence on it and create content in line with the type of interaction that takes place on this platform.

TikTok’s algorithm so far is quite noble, so an account can grow very easily in number of views and followers, which is attractive to anyone.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some effective ideas to earn money generating content on this social network.

How much money can be earned on TikTok?

As in other social networks, the amount of money your TikTok profile earns will depend on how many followers you have and their engagement rate, i.e.

The level of user interaction with your content through views, likes, comments and shares.

So far TikTok has not established a fixed rate of earnings per publication, each country has different functions and agreements.

However, the data analysis platform Exolyt considers that a good profile associated with a brand can produce 50,000 to 150,000 USD.

With Exolyt’s TikTok money calculator we did the earnings estimation of different TikTok influencers, more or less with the same number of followers so far, in four countries.

Spain. The twins on their Twin Melody account have 18.1 million followers; 434.2 million “likes”; 825 videos and a rating of 8.

They are estimated to earn from 2029 to 5073 USD per post.
Mexico. The sisters in their profile Hermanas JM have 17.7 million followers; 656.3 million likes; 1,253 videos and a rating of 8.1.

It is estimated that they earn from 2121 to 5302 USD per video.
Peru. Aylin Criss, with the same username, has 17.6 million followers; 597 million likes; 1703 videos and a rating of 7.8.

It is estimated that she earns from 2009 to 5024 USD per publication.

The twins with their account Gemelas Abello have obtained 17.7 million followers; 210 million “likes”; 312 videos and a rating of 8.8. It is estimated that they earn from 2003 to 5007 USD per video.

As you can see, the variations from one country to another are not so extreme, since on average they remain in the same ranges.

One of the keys to reach these figures is to constantly upload content, among other guidelines that we present below to help you generate income on TikTok.

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10 ideas to earn money on TikTok

tips to earn money on Tiktok
Best Ideas to earn money on Tiktok
  1. Become a content creator.
  2. Activate the plus functions.
  3. Create influencer-brand partnerships.
  4. Sell your own products.
  5. Make tutorials or give advice.
  6. Invite your friends to use TikTok.
  7. Have a multichannel presence.
  8. Seek sponsorships.
  9. Generate TikTok strategies.
  10. Create a persona.

1. Become a content creator.

One of the requirements for your account to gain more followers is that you create entertaining or valuable content for users.

To do so, you must take advantage of all the functions provided by the application, such as adding the most popular hashtags in TikTok, special effects, audios, songs and filters.

If your account is personal and you want to become an influencer, we recommend that you make your content about something you enjoy a lot, or about a topic or activity that you master naturally.

For example, dancing, singing, playing video games, talking about fashion, humor, beauty and more.

On the other hand, if you are a company or business and want to gain more followers to promote your brand, you can create content related to the products and services you offer.

To do this, it is vital that you know what your niche is or the topics that interest your target audience.

Whatever your case may be, we recommend you to follow these steps

Publish your posts regularly, so that your followers will see you constantly. It is also important that you know the best time to post on TikTok.

Make sure that your videos have good lighting and that their audio quality is the best.
Be aware of the trends and challenges that arise in the application that you can join, this will help you generate more engagement.

Interact frequently with your followers, create a friendly and fluid communication.
Use the creator tools provided by the platform itself, such as statistics on the performance of your

videos and the creator portal with blogs to develop your account.
If you are still not entirely clear on how to use TikTok and what its main functions are, this article explains everything in detail.

2. Activate the plus features

Gifts for videos, live streaming and TikTok tips
To activate the video gifts it is necessary to meet a series of requirements,. One of the most important is that you live in Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Italy and France.

This feature is expected to reach more countries soon.

Then, you need to register your account within Creator Next. For which you must be over 18 years old, have 10,000 followers and have 3 publications with 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.

By activating here you will be able to redeem the gifts for money or phone balance.

Creator Fund

Also known as Creator Fund, this is TikTok’s program that pays directly to the influencers or content creators with the most followers. According to the number of views of their videos.

It is a cost per thousand (CPM) scheme. Within Spanish-speaking countries it is only available for Spain and pays €0.04 per 1000 views.

Creator Marketplace

This TikTok platform puts influencers and brands in direct contact with each other so that they can do business through the application.

Both parties can make collaborative invitations by searching for accounts through specialized filters.

This option is only available in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and other Asian countries.

3. Create influencer-brand partnerships

Another great option is to form partnerships, whether they are brand sponsorships to influencers or influencer-to-brand promotions.

For this it is essential that the thematic relationship between the two is coherent. To transmit a greater naturalness to the followers and that they do not see it as a forced advertisement.

If Creator Marketplace is not available in your country, you can use other tools to find contacts.

Hypertrace’s database allows you to find business profiles and influencers in any niche by using keywords or usernames.

4. Sell your own products

If you already have a significant community on TikTok, it is likely that some of your followers will be willing to buy merchandise from you that alludes to your content or username.

These could be T-shirts, caps, key chains, mugs, thermoses, backpacks with your imprint.

If you are a company, use the TikTok platform to showcase your products and the features that make them different from others.

Make your profile a kind of catalog. At the same time, you can place the link to your online store in the description of your account.

In Spain, United Kingdom and United States it is possible to synchronize the platform with your Shopify online store, for direct purchases from users.

5. Make tutorials or give advice

With the health contingency, educational content multiplied in all social networks, so video tutorials about any topic have been a good alternative to create your own niche of followers.

So show your knowledge of English, cooking, mathematics, computers, music or any other specialty.

Also, if you are a person with a large number of followers and you have already managed to earn money on TikTok, you can give advice and consultancy to users who are starting with their accounts.

6. Invite your friends to use TikTok

This is part of the TikTok Bonus feature, which consists of having your friends install the application, create their account and you send them your invitation code to register it.

The amounts are different in each country, but with a hundred invitations you can earn up to 100 USD.

The condition is that each friend must watch videos for at least half an hour for 10 days in a row. The option is available in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Spain

7. Have a multichannel presence

This is a strategy that works for both brands and personal accounts on TikTok. It involves having accounts on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, among others, with the same username or a similar one.

Then you link them to each other, through links in the descriptions of the biographies; in this way, users who already follow you on one platform can follow you on the others.

8. Look for sponsorships

If you already have a community, seeking sponsorships is a natural way to earn income through TikTok.

Sound familiar? Sure, it’s the way influencers work: in their posts they promote a product or service of brands that pay them for that action.

Although this way is limited in the case of a brand, it can also be a way if you make alliances with other businesses that are not your competitors.

But that in one way or another are linked to you. These companies can sponsor a mention in your TikTok.

9. Generate TikTok strategies

If you understand how TikTok works, the profile of the community and what kind of dynamics are “breaking” in this social network, you have a great advantage.

This is how it will be for at least a few more years. while brands and other users get used to the social network and make efforts to master it.

Surely you have been able to observe how people and brands are looking for someone to help them with TikTok.

This same thing happened with other social networks and, in fact, it continues to happen because these platforms demand to be updated.

So, one way to make money with TikTok is for you to be a consultant. A content generator or a strategy developer based on this social network. This way you help others to boost their presence on the platform.

10. Create a persona

As a user, influencer or brand, it can help you to create a character that is the spokesperson or letter of introduction on TikTok.

The goal of this is to give you the freedom to flow with the type of interaction that happens on this social network.

It would not necessarily have to be a costumed or caricatured character. It could be a defined person with a certain profile and attitude.

A character created specifically for TikTok can better connect with the community and this will help. You have more interaction and, therefore, better monetize your channel.

Ideally, you should combine and adjust these ideas to your account so that you can earn more and more income.

Remember that consistency is the basis of all success. And the key is to test what works for you to attract more followers and generate more engagement.

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